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 Hi, Karra, Gillean, and Mhia here. Our author, Ey has invited Dabby over for a play date and I guess what she terms an 'interview." We just call it playing. We'll be outside on the swing set. Bring your blanket and your bagged lunch so you can join us.

Vicki Herb

 Meet Dabby and the handmade doll  to be shared through the Dabby Project

If you know of a child who may want a bit of comfort please get in touch with Robin Owens. This is Mrs. Owen's Facebook page.

JaKarra guided Dabby to the backyard where she and they three sisters sat on a blanket prepared for a small picnic.
First, tell us what your books are about. 

 “Dabby and Maxie” and “Dabby and Maxie in Kentucky Bound” are both about me and my stuffed animal Maxie. I'm what they call a military child that deals with a lot of moving from place to place and having my daddy deploy or going away on assignments.  That means he is gone often and sometimes we move a lot. I meet a lot of new people.

Mhia stuffed a cookie in her mouth and climbing into a swing. I have a favorite toy, it's a stuffed bear my mom gave me when I used to have nightmares. That was a scary time. Ey wrote a story about that. 

Gillean laughed, went over to give her little sister a push before climbing into the other swing. Tell us about it. None of us could sleep. That book made a big difference.

What do you like about your situation in your book, Dabby? JaKarra asked between bites of grapes.

 I get to meet new friends, dabble in different activities and be with my family.

What do you dislike about your situation in your book? 
My daddy having to be deployed. It is scary when he leaves.

Mhia, jumped from the swing to hold Dabby's hand, patting it softly. "I can see how that would make you sad. I would miss my family if we were ever separated.

 Gillean, leaning far back in the swing, pumped her legs to start it moving. Staring up at the leaves of the trees as she moved back and forward, she released a small sigh. If you had a chance to rewrite your ‘story’, what would you change, Dabby? 

Have my daddy home with us. And live closer to my grandma.

What would you keep? 
Meeting up with Rhiannon again. That was fun. 

Dabby, do you have a family? If so, how is your family life? JaKarra sat crossed leg on the ground next to Dabby, stringing flowers together to make crowns.

 I have my daddy, mommy, my brother, Bubby and my new little sister, Sissy. Plus Patriot our dog. We have a very close knit family. That is the way it is for military families. The only people that are with you every time you move, is your family.

 What do you wish people will learn/ enjoy about your adventures? 

I wish they would learn what life is really like for the military family, always having to pack and move. Understand how hard this life really is for the children. 

What do you really think about your author? 
click pic
She knows what this life is like. She understands our family and others like us. 

Tell me about your travels- what makes you the happiest? How do you like being with the children?  
When I get to travel to meet new friends makes me happy. Having my daddy home makes me the happiest. I love meeting new friends and helping them when they are sad because their mommy or daddy are away for the military. We end up having so much fun and having loads of adventures together.

I'm glad you get to have some fun out of everything. I'm really happy about the way you help other children. Anyway, let's go play and if anyone wants to know more about Mrs. Robin Owens, check out her interview at IN THE CHAIR. 

See you all, later. Oh, check out Ey's books on Amazon. She writes all kinds.


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