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Why Did it Have to Rain Today?
Illustration from Between the Two of them

On the blog today the little girls from the picture book series In My Sister's World, are having a play date with Jack from the picture book by author/illustrator Donna L. Dillon "Why Did it Have to Rain Today?" Read my review.
What the book is about:  Jack's plan for a fun Saturday outside is ruined by a rainstorm. After watching him mope and sulk about, his mother suggests he read a book and wait for the rain to stop. READ A BOOK? ON A SATURDAY. Jack is not happy.

"Well, I can see why he is unhappy." *Mhia pushes herself backward on the swing in preparation of powering and taking to the air.. Feet dragging and swirling dust in the wind.* "I hate it when it rains and Mom makes us stay inside."
"Me, too." Gillean careens down the slide.
JaKarra: "Well, Jack does something really great on his rain day. Look here he comes. Let's go talk to him about it."

JaKarra, the eldest walks towards the gate to let Jack into the backyard. "Hi, Jack. Thanks for coming over. I read your book and thought it was really cute. Me and my sisters love reading. I know you couldn't go outside to play because of the rain, but
it wasn't that bad, right? What did you like about your situation in your book?   

  Jack: Well, I wasn’t very happy at first, because of all the rain, but it turned out to be a pretty good day.

Gillean:I hate it when it rains, too. It's hard to find something to do in the house. What do you dislike about your situation in your book?   
  Jack:  The rain. I hate being stuck inside the house.

Gillean: If you had a chance to rewrite your ‘story’, what would you change?  
 Jack: I don’t think I’d read that scary  book again!

What would you keep?   Jack: The story in the bathtub, that was a blast.

Mhia: Do you have a family? If so, how is your family life?   

Jack:  I live with my Mom. She’s a little bossy but makes great cookies.

 Gillean: We learned a lot of good things in the books our author wrote. What do you wish people will learn/ enjoy about your story?    

Jack: That reading is an adventure and a great way to spend a rainy (or not rainy) day!

My author, Ey Wade interviewed  your author over here. She sounds terrific. What do you really think about your author? 

Jack: She is a lot like my mom…kinda bossy. She’s a pretty good artist, too!

JaKarra: *laughs* , that's how authors are. I agree, she did do a great job on your book. I see your mom calling you. Thanks for coming over. 

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