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Joy in a Small Hand-Pic Bks by Ey Wade

I love seeing the face of a child when they are holding a book within their hands. Whether they can read or not, they are transformed and beamed into another world.
 Summer has come with a blast.Tired? Need something to entertain the youngsters in your life and rest your nerves at the same time? Read to them. They will be tickled, learn something and enjoy the time they have spent cuddled in your arms as you read a story to them.

Who Will Hug the Sun
 Mhia loves to hug and receive hugs. In the book, Who Will Hug the Sun?, Mhia is so upset about not being able to hug the sun her mom tells her the story of the antics the sun goes through to get a hug and she learns a little science in the end.

Between the Two of Them ; Gillean is the middle daughter. She sometimes feels neglected and left out. Between the Two of Them explores the advantages and disadvantages of being the middle child and shows how Gillean discovers she has a special 'uniqueness' in the family.

Not a Sound, Not a Peep
  Poor Mhia can't sleep at night. And neither can the rest of her family until they come up with fun ways to help her.

Big noise about NOT A SOUND, NOT A PEEP #diversity

Not a Sound, Not a Peep received a beautiful 5 star review from Kathleen Dove. Thanks so much Kathleen.

"Being a retired teacher, I am always eager to discover new children's books for my own grandson. What a lovely, lilting goodnight story. I'm eager to read this to my little grandson who will surely enjoy it and urge me to read it again and again. Sure to be a favorite among little ones who will admire the pen and ink drawings as much as I did. It's just the right length for young attention spans. Simply adorable."

My 5 y/o daughter really liked it., by Dasha's Mom - My daughter has been an avid reader since she was 4, so I'm always looking for new books that interest her. I bought this for her Kindle Fire. She read it the same night and told me about it. She said, "It's about a little girl who had nightmares. She got a fairy nightlight, a bear that doesn't make her scared, and a book that would make her got to sleep. It's a good book because it made all the family go to sleep. I need gifts like that to help me not be scared and go to sleep. I really like this book." She said it was good, so I recommend it to other young girls.

by HarriRomney - A short story written in narrative verse. The author has found a lovely way of explaining to children not to be frightened of the dark. Being a mother myself this is an experience shared and related to, which was enjoyed and easily understood by my children.

Wonderful Bed Time Story!, Leila W. "Lady Leila" A wonderful rhyming story with darling ink drawings throughout. Young children are attracted to these types of drawings and focus on them quite a bit longer since they perceive them differently. The rhyming flow will help develop those early language patterns. They'll want to hear it over and over! Not to be passed by. I love the little fairy~!

by Karen Doering "Parent's Little Black Book" A very short sweet story with illustrations that helps a young girl deal with bad dreams. The prose/poetry form is something children really like and enjoy. The illustrations were cute and related well to the story. The story is easily identifiable to young children and will draw them into the solution. Parent's Little Black Book likes this story for very young children and their parent's. Our age recommendation two through 8. Karen Bryant Doering, Parent's Little Black Book

Bringing light into the darkness, by A. E. Drury "Ed Drury" Nice short little bedtime story with illustrations and simple rhyming cadence very young children should love. This is a nice tool for that special time of childhood when every child just knows it is not safe to be in the dark, at least not safe enough to go to sleep! Cleverly done and richly illustrated, back this book up with a few props like a teddy bear and perhaps a toy angel or figurine and you are well on the way to putting your child's fears around bedtime in the past. I'd say this book is for preschool ages 2 to five or six. Excellent.

The Little Girls are Making It to Paper

I am really really excited. Though I have two books already in print, the concept my picture books will have a physical in hand presence, thrills me no end. The books will make their debut on Thursday, January 17th.

These books from the series, In My Sister's World, have been written as tribute to the inquisitiveness, joy, and experiences I have had the privelege to witness while rearing my daughters into the beautiful women they have become. Read excerpt and reviews easily viewed on sidelines.

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