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It's Hot as Hades & the Sun Wants a Hug~ Who Will Hug the Sun? by @Ey Wade #picbk

"Everybody needs a hug, sometimes." 
Mhia is a child who loves to hug and is saddened by the fact the sun never receives one. Until her mom tells her a wonderful story. Who Will Hug the Sun.

The sun was very hot. No one would touch her. This made the sun very sad, because more than anything, she wished she could be hugged.
She saw mommies hugging their children.
She saw children hugging their pets.
She saw mommies and daddies hugging and wanted to be hugged even more.
She tried to hug the birds, the airplanes, and the balloons that escaped from the children…but they all flew too low.
One day the sun grabbed the fluffiest cloud and held it close.
The cloud melted like ice and the sun cried.

One of the wonderful reviews:
This wonderful little book, which is beautifully illustrated by the author, provides a wonderful metaphor for solar eclipses. It presents a way to open discussions about and investigations into the solar system, folklore and the technique of metaphor in understanding complex ideas. 
 It is a story which a child will remember perhaps all their lives and infuses a wonder into their earliest attempt to understand the solar system. Even when they learn more about the solar system, this tale will come back to them. 
They will learn at some point that solar eclipses are more frequent than once a year, for example, but that is only another teachable moment when children learn about the bigger world out there, the solar system and universe. 

What Ey Wade has provided is an early starting point for young children to become curious about science and the mysteries of nature. It gives parents a wonderfully entertaining way to spark a life time of shared memories of these images and metaphors. Even an old person like myself can fall in love with this naive desire to "hug the sun" because, well everyone needs a hug sometimes.

 Be sure to check out the series A diverse universal story line.

Meet Watson Mouse, friend and companion of Sherlock Ferret #picbk Adventures of Sherlock Ferret

Hello, thank you all for returning to our page. My sisters and I are happy to introduce you to one of the main characters of the Sherlock Ferret Adventures. A series of beautiful picture books with animals protect their friends and discover the criminals committing crimes within their world. Written by author Hugh Ashton

Sherlock Ferret Detective has his on Facebook page.
Without wasting more time, join me in welcoming, Watson Mouse, friend and companion of Sherlock Ferret, a famous inconsulting detective.

Watson, please tell the readers a little about the books.
  1. Sherlock Ferret and the Missing Necklace, Miss Leticia Rabbit leaves her gold necklace on the grass outside her house one evening. When she gets up in the morning, it is gone! 

    Sherlock Ferret and the Multiplying Masterpieces, Sherlock Ferret and his well-whiskered friend Watson Mouse M.D. visit the Museum, where they look at many paintings,

    Sherlock Ferret and the Poisoned PondWhen Mrs. Fieldmouse visits Sherlock Ferret and his friend Watson Mouse M.D. and tells them that her twelve children have all fallen sick, Sherlock has to find out what has been going on.

What do you like about your situation in your book?

I like living with Sherlock Ferret. He’s a very interesting sort of person to live with, and we have lots of adventures together, and we have many interesting friends, like Lestrade, who is a not very big rhinoceros, and Doctor Solomon Sloth, who sleeps a lot.
Living under Mrs. Hudson’s bakery is nice, too. We get splendid things to eat. I am not sure if Mrs. Hudson knows we live here, but sometimes I think she does, because we find lots of lovely food dropped right outside our door.

Mhia: In one of the books about me, there were nightmares. I hated that. What do you dislike about your situation in your book?
Sherlock Ferret is sometimes a bit selfish and thinks too much about himself. I mustn’t be too nasty about him, though, because that rainy day at the Museum he brought me some warm dry shoes and socks when my feet were all wet.
Also, sometimes our adventures are dangerous. I was really scared about Colonel Sebastian Moorhen when we met him, and the beasts by the poisoned pond were very nasty indeed. But we do have a chance to make things better, and that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Karra: If you had a chance to rewrite your ‘story’, what would you change?

The stories really don’t have enough about my whiskers. They’re very fine whiskers, and there isn’t much about them in the books. Also, perhaps I say a few too many nasty things about Sherlock Ferret in my stories. He really isn’t that bad a person.

Gillean: Sometimes, I want to say mean things about my sisters, but my author, Ey won’t let me. She told me I needed to build my self-esteem. I learned a lot in the book she wrote about me. What would you keep in your story?

Oh, I think I’d keep everything. It’s fun to be with Sherlock Ferret, and share his adventures. Even the nefarious characters we meet sometimes, like Moriarty Magpie, are interesting, and people like to read about them.

Gillean:  Do you have a family? If so, how is your family life?
I have masses and masses of brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts and cousins and second cousins. We see each other sometimes. But really, I suppose Sherlock Ferret is my family.

 What do you wish people will learn/ enjoy about your story?
I hope that people will learn how important it is to have a good friend whom you can help, and who can help you. Also, how important it is to solve other people’s problems. Sherlock Ferret is very clever, and I think people will find it fun to read how he works when he’s solving puzzles.

Mhia: I understand what you’re saying. I have my sisters and they help me a lot.

Karra: What do you really think about your author?
I like my author, Hugh Ashton, a lot, because he just writes down what I say, and corrects my
spelling sometimes. I’m not very good at spelling sometimes, and I get words wrong. I always call Sherlock Ferret an insulting detective, which is wrong. He’s a consulting detective. And Andy Boerger draws lovely pictures of Sherlock and me, but he doesn’t show my whiskers enough in all of them. I do wish he’d show my whiskers properly.

Contact the author:

  • Hardcover: 170 pages
  • Publisher: Inknbeans Press LLC (November 21, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0988667045
  • ISBN-13: 978-0988667044
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.4 x 10 inches

Dabby & the Dabby Project #parenting #militaryfamilies #comfortdolls #deployment

 Hi, Karra, Gillean, and Mhia here. Our author, Ey has invited Dabby over for a play date and I guess what she terms an 'interview." We just call it playing. We'll be outside on the swing set. Bring your blanket and your bagged lunch so you can join us.

Vicki Herb

 Meet Dabby and the handmade doll  to be shared through the Dabby Project

If you know of a child who may want a bit of comfort please get in touch with Robin Owens. This is Mrs. Owen's Facebook page.

JaKarra guided Dabby to the backyard where she and they three sisters sat on a blanket prepared for a small picnic.
First, tell us what your books are about. 

 “Dabby and Maxie” and “Dabby and Maxie in Kentucky Bound” are both about me and my stuffed animal Maxie. I'm what they call a military child that deals with a lot of moving from place to place and having my daddy deploy or going away on assignments.  That means he is gone often and sometimes we move a lot. I meet a lot of new people.

Mhia stuffed a cookie in her mouth and climbing into a swing. I have a favorite toy, it's a stuffed bear my mom gave me when I used to have nightmares. That was a scary time. Ey wrote a story about that. 

Gillean laughed, went over to give her little sister a push before climbing into the other swing. Tell us about it. None of us could sleep. That book made a big difference.

What do you like about your situation in your book, Dabby? JaKarra asked between bites of grapes.

 I get to meet new friends, dabble in different activities and be with my family.

What do you dislike about your situation in your book? 
My daddy having to be deployed. It is scary when he leaves.

Mhia, jumped from the swing to hold Dabby's hand, patting it softly. "I can see how that would make you sad. I would miss my family if we were ever separated.

 Gillean, leaning far back in the swing, pumped her legs to start it moving. Staring up at the leaves of the trees as she moved back and forward, she released a small sigh. If you had a chance to rewrite your ‘story’, what would you change, Dabby? 

Have my daddy home with us. And live closer to my grandma.

What would you keep? 
Meeting up with Rhiannon again. That was fun. 

Dabby, do you have a family? If so, how is your family life? JaKarra sat crossed leg on the ground next to Dabby, stringing flowers together to make crowns.

 I have my daddy, mommy, my brother, Bubby and my new little sister, Sissy. Plus Patriot our dog. We have a very close knit family. That is the way it is for military families. The only people that are with you every time you move, is your family.

 What do you wish people will learn/ enjoy about your adventures? 

I wish they would learn what life is really like for the military family, always having to pack and move. Understand how hard this life really is for the children. 

What do you really think about your author? 
click pic
She knows what this life is like. She understands our family and others like us. 

Tell me about your travels- what makes you the happiest? How do you like being with the children?  
When I get to travel to meet new friends makes me happy. Having my daddy home makes me the happiest. I love meeting new friends and helping them when they are sad because their mommy or daddy are away for the military. We end up having so much fun and having loads of adventures together.

I'm glad you get to have some fun out of everything. I'm really happy about the way you help other children. Anyway, let's go play and if anyone wants to know more about Mrs. Robin Owens, check out her interview at IN THE CHAIR. 

See you all, later. Oh, check out Ey's books on Amazon. She writes all kinds.

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